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Project Bucket: UNC

premiered in select theatres August 27th, 2017 (sneak peek here)

903691_154805128018775_1582802427_oThis project begins with five first-years, all hanging out and bored in a dorm room with not much to do except play video games. The group of friends had been together since high school, but were searching for how to get more involved with campus and all that UNC has to offer. That’s when Patrick Hahn came across the UNC Bucket List, an article published by the Daily Tar Heel in collaboration with the Order of the Belltower that contained 100 “bucket list items” of things to do while at UNC. Patrick, joined by Bryce Edwards, Faustina Nguyen, Teresa Nguyen, and myself, then embarked on a four-year long journey to both complete and document the UNC bucket list.

       The Bucket List brings the team to activities from swimming at the beach to eating fried gummy bears, from racquetball to singing James Taylor’s “Carolina on My Mind” from memory. Some list items challenge the five, such as winning an intramural championship t-shirt. With only four years to complete all 100 list items, the team will have to work nonstop to complete and document every single list item. Watch as these five friends journey through the Bucket list, through college, and truly experience UNC.



Humans vs. Zombies at UNC

Screenshot (1)College campuses are filled with all kinds of activities. For these students, the best way to relieve stress is not to sit around and watch Netflix®, but instead run around in a no holds barred, all out game of tag, where there are no survivors. However this is no ordinary game of tag. In this game, you can defend yourself from the tagging zombies using nerf guns and clean, balled up socks. But will that be enough to stop the horde?1230082_10202714141444152_510027168_n

Meet BAMFWAMF, a group of students who have formed a tight knit group, or “squad”. By operating as a unit, BAMFWAMF hopes to get an upper edge against the zombie onslaught. Follow BAMFWAMF as they complete a week long game of survival and learn what it takes to be the ultimate team.