Completed Projects

Belize: Witnessing Climate Change Firsthand

Director, Cinematographer, Co-editor

A documentary approach to the life of marine scientist in the field. The piece follows Justin Baumann, a PhD student from UNC Chapel Hill, as he leads his first field expedition to Belize. Witness the team attempt to get a better idea of how coral reefs really are responding to climate change, and Justin learning how lead a team of researchers in the field. Co-edited with Josh McClenney


North Carolina Now Segment: Lake Phelps and Pettigrew State Park

Producer, 2nd cinematographer

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.34.03 PM

A documentary segment of the series “North Carolina Now” on UNC-TV that explores Pettigrew State Park. The park is home to Lake Phelps, North Carolina’s second largest natural lake and full of interesting properties, from the diverse wildlife to the 4,000 year old canoes discovered sunken into the lake. This piece was created under the guidance of Dr. Tom Linden as a part of the “Documenting the Sciences” course in the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Scott Sessoms is associate producer, Kate Grise is scriptwriter, and Mike O’Connell is primary cinematographer and editor. This piece originally aired on December 1st, 2014.