Headshot3I have always had a love for the water, but have also over the years come to fall in love with documentary filmmaking. My film career began with a toy camera and software and since then I have been encapsulated by the ability film has to create and share meaning. This is what has lead me to studying documentary filmmaking, and the ability to bring to the real world and experiences to audiences to share. To me, this ability to share experience is crucial in both understanding each other and the world around us.


I have now finished studying media production as a part of aJoe-Grad-16-15 degree in communications while at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My time as an undergraduate has allowed me to gain experience in a wide range of film settings, from camera work to editing to production. I have applied this experience to produce segments that were broadcast across North Carolina, as well as worked to independently produce short documentaries pieces pertaining to my research and more. For more information about these pieces, see my current projects and completed projects pages.

I am always looking to grow in film experience, or to share stories that need to be told. I hope to continue to use my film skills for scientific communication and beyond. For this reason I am always on the lookout for new documentary projects or stories to create. If you are interested in having a story told by film, please contact me at