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Current Projects

Joe-Grad-16-12 I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May of 2016, and began attending graduate school at the University of the Virgin Islands in the Masters in Marine and Environmental Sciences Program. The current hurricane season involving Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria has affected the progress of the program and the US Virgin Islands drastically, but we also hope that important research can be conducted on the marine environment following this unprecedented storm season.


I am currently working with Dr. Tyler Smith to study the impacts of these hurricanes on the US Virgin Islands’ coral reef ecosystem, in particular in areas that have been intensively monitored for the past 20 years. We hope to document the impact of both the storm activity as well as the influence of human use near these reefs, and assess impact on the fisheries, benthic ecology, and disease.

I am presently seeking new research opportunities in independent research as well. I invite you to explore my previous work in the Castillo lab and with Sea Education Association in my Curriculum Vitae