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Project Bucket: Capturing the Memories of UNC and Beyond (Part 2)

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It was one thing to say we would complete the UNC Bucket List, it was another to do it. We arrived back in school for our sophomore year with already 36 items complete, and feeling confident. Our first year we had knocked list items off left and right, some times doing as many as three in a day.

List Item #32: Sit outside Memorial Hall at night and listen to a show over the loudspeakers

But some review of the list will show you that all list items are not made equal. On one end, some list items were as simple as swimming in the pool, or eating cheese fries. On the other end, we needed to attend a sporting event for every sports team, win an intramural championship t-shirt, and at some point travel to both Asheville and Wilmington.

Like we needed an excuse to go explore Asheville anyway
Like we needed an excuse to go explore Asheville (List item #69).

With some of the easier list items tackled, we now had to put our coordination abilities to the test. We had planning meetings, set dates, did research on how to complete each of these events. This was the transition; we had changed from a group of friends on a project to team.

You could say we "came out of our shells"
You could say we “came out of our shells”. (List item #70)

As an added challenge to myself, I began making short videos each week, featuring one list item per video. I published each video on our YouTube channel, and started to build some excitement for the documentary. It meant some late nights for me, but the challenge allowed me to become proficient in my video shooting and editing abilities.

check out all of our youtube videos here and found out if I can bring myself to drink a whole cup of coffee!
check out all of our YouTube videos here and found out if I can bring myself to drink a whole cup of coffee (the answer may surprise you).

The days came and went for our second semester at Carolina, but one thing remained constant. We were all more and more committed to this documentary and the completion of this bucket list with each item knocked out.


Final count after sophomore year: 64 complete, 36 to go.


If you haven’t already, please consider donation to our Indiegogo campaign: This project can’t happen without your help!