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Welcome to my website! Here is everything about me in one place. I am an aspiring marine biologist who has an equal passion for documentary film making and photography.

As a little bit of background about me, I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, living on Mountain Island Lake. Growing up I have always had an unrelenting interest to explore the world around me, ask questions, and of course, be outside. Since before I can remember I have loved the water, from swimming in the peaceful lake behind my house to studying the incredible kinds of life that lives in it. From the time I first hit kindergarten until now I have learned and explored everything I could about marine biology, and learning more just gives me more questions.

Growing up where I did I also learned about appreciating the world around me in it’s full beauty. I learned to appreciate how awe-inspiring the world around me can be, and learned that the best way to enjoy it was to share it. This is what has sparked my interest in photography and videography, the desire to share incredible experiences, and truly appreciate how amazing the world is.

I have recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Biology and Communications and a minor in Marine Sciences. During my time at UNC I have had some incredible opportunities, in both research and videography.

In the late fall of my first year, I began a project known as Project Bucket UNC, where myself and four of my friends attempted to complete and document all 100 items of the UNC Bucket list. After four years of filming, we successfully completed the bucket list, and I have now formed a team to edit and produce the feature-length documentary.

Then starting the summer before my third year, I began to work the Castillo Lab in the Marine Science Department, under the IDEA program. IDEA (Increasing Diversity and Enhancing Academia) paid for me to work full time in the lab during the next two summers and part time in the lab during the academic year, allowing me to gain experience in coral research. My time in Castillo lab allowed me to run two experiments and even work as a member of a field team to Belize.

The spring of my third year, I embarked on a program with the Sea Education Association (SEA), based out of Woods Hole, MA. SEA is designed to give undergraduates real research experience while sailing aboard a tallship. I served ultimately as a crew member aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer, where I would sail from Puerto Rico to Bermuda to New York City. While sailing, I assisted in regular collection of oceanographic data, as well as worked on a team investigating the population connectivity of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) through their planktonic larvae. This experience only made my love for research grow. This program also allowed me to learn more about marine management and conservation policy, especially in the international arena around the Sargasso Sea. My fellow classmates and I succeeded in ultimately developing a proposal management plan for the Sargasso Sea, which was then presented at the SEA Sargasso Sea Symposium in June of 2015.


I have now graduated from UNC, and am a masters student at the University of the Virgin Islands in the Masters in Marine and Environmental Sciences Program. Feel free to contact me here about research interests, photography shoots, or videography projects!